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Internship seeker Ingénierie et management de systèmes industriels Université de Technologie de Belfort Montbéliard Sevenans on : Internship seekers

Recherche de stage assistant ingénieur en gestion de production, lean manufacturing, qualité, logistique..

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90000 Belfort

Prepared job(s): : Ingénieur de production, ingénieur logistique, Ingénieur Qualité, manageur d'équipe

School: Université de Technologie de Belfort Montbéliard
90400 Sevenans

Education level: Ingénierie et management de systèmes industriels 3rd year
Ingénierie et management de systèmes industriels
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +2
Last diploma : Diplôme universitaire technique en qualité, logistique industrielle et organisations.
Current educational level : +3
Prepared job(s): : Ingénieur de production, ingénieur logistique, Ingénieur Qualité, manageur d'équipe

Duration of the internship: 6 mois
Beginning of the internship:
2018-09-02 2019-02-08
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...

Cover letter

Sir, Madam,

I’m presently in a third-year of an engineering school, and I’m seeking an internship in a foreign country.

I’m studying industrial management process, that is to say all about production

management, logistic, quality and continuous improvement.

I’m really interested to work in logistic or quality, in order to improve it, by managing and bring new working methods.
The continuous improvement is for me something really important in a company.

With my experiences in different companies during my two-year of technical degree before, and also my summers, I learned a lot about production management, and quality.

Also, this different works permitted to myself to be ordered, organized and punctual. I’m also a serious person and motivated when I’m working.

I’m available from the end of august 2018 to February 2019.
I remain at our disposal if you have any questions,

Yours faithfully,


Student/ 21 years/ Driver licence/ French
Seeking for a six-month internship in manufacturing, lean management, logistic or quality.

Personal profile
A large panel of production and continuous improvement
subjects done. Solid knowledge in logistic and production process.
Strong adaptability, and communication skills thanks to several experiences in different companies.

Education and Qualifications
2018: Three-year engineering degree course in Industrial management systems and engineering.
at University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, France.

2015-2017 :A two-year technical degree in Quality, Industrial Logistic, and Organisations

in Annecy-le-Vieux, France.

2012-2015 :Baccalaureate Scientific specialized in mathematics (equivalent to french national hight school diploma)

at Lycée Louis Armand, Chambéry, France

Work and training history
July 2017
At NTN-SNR Seynod, France
Methods service
data uploading;
Performance analyse on production

27 march to 16 june 2017
Internship in ROLEX SA- Switzerland
Description of procurement processus.

November to December 2016
Clients orders preparation.
At Esprits Gourmets (Annecy France)

June 2016-July 2016
Worker at NTN-SNR-Meythet France
Mounting and sorting bearings.

11 to 29 January 2016
Internship worker at NTN-SNR Meythet France

Mounting bearings and flows analyse

Projets management
September 2016 to January 2017
Creation of a screw supermarket at NTN-SNR Cran-Gevrier, France.

October 2016 to January 2017
Management of a 5S method in a technical office at the University.

September 2015 to June 2016
Invention of an innovating product, Conception, commercial and industrialization work.

Logistic awareness:
Good experiences in quality and logistic methods in training: 5S, 8D, DMAIC, VSM, SWOT…

Adaptability and flexibility:
Numerous experiences in different companies, with new environment and working methods.

IT Skills
SAP, NFP, Impact, Catia, SIMDI, Prélude, Odyssée, Ellistat, Arena, Mapple, Pack office

*English B2 level (BULATS Test : 65
points) = advanced level
*Spanish intermediary level

-Sports : Diving (N1), Gymnastic, ski

-Travel :
Japan, USA, Canada, Romania,
Slovenia, Spain, UK, Netherlands,

Croatia, Austria…)


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Outils logistique et qualité (5S, 8D, Ishikawa, DMAIC, PDCA, Paretos, 20/80, optimisation d'espace, standardisations de procédés...) Logiciels: SAP, Pack office, logiciel de conception mécanique..

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Permis B français

Languages :
French : Native
English : Advanced
Spanish : Intermediate

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